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5 Apps to Save You Time & Money

Smart Layover

Smart Layover you can find activities like day-use hotels for a nap and sightseeing tours that are close to the airport, along with maps and directions, so you can take advantage of a long layover. They only show you activities that you will have time to do during your layover window.

TripAdvisorís City Guide

Navigate big cities with Tripadvisorís City Guides app. Download maps and suggested itineraries straight from the app for free, without Wi-Fióuseful for foreign cities to avoid roaming fees.


Learn the local language with Jibbigo. This is offers 20 languages that are available for translation via text or voice. Super handy for learning quick phrases to help you along the way.


If you like taking cool photos with your phone youíll love PICFARI. This photo hunt app shows you where to take the best shots of landmarks and viewpoints. Great for impressing your followers on Instagram.


Evernote is like a digital scrapbook. While you're on vacation, brochures, menus, and maps, audio bites and photos can all be uploaded as mementos. Everything you add is stamped with the time, date, and the location in which it was made.