Connecting with cultures has given me and my family a sense of belonging to a global community. Travel has given me awareness and appreciation for how much more alike than we are different. These connections enable our collective strength.

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Travel Etiquette



Argentinean Peso

Official Language



Formal dress is very important in the
Argentinean business world. Dark suits
and ties for men and white blouses and
suits for women are best.


Business people in Argentina are known to
put in very long days, so it is not unusual
to have an 8pm business meeting.
Dinner meetings are the most common.
Arrive on time but expect to wait up to 30
minutes especially if that person is
considered to be of high rank in the


Liquor is the best gift choice in Argentina
and personal items such as clothing
should be avoided.
If you are invited to someone’s house for
dinner, you should arrange to have
flowers or candy sent before you arrive.

Hand Gestures and Body Language

Maintaining eye contact is a sign of
respect and sincerity in Argentina.
A pat on the shoulder is often a sign of
Sweeping your hand under your chin and
up around to the top of your head usually
indicates uncertainty or unimportance
related to an issue.

Tapping your pointer finger against your
thumb indicates that something is
expensive or encourages someone to


Eating in the streets or on public
transportation is considered rude.
Use a person’s professional title if
addressing them such as: Doctor,
Professor, Lawyer or Architect. Use titles
when addressing people - Señor (Mr.),
Señora (Mrs.) and Señorita (Miss) followed
by their surname.